AAA's Journey chapter 1:AAA's dream come true

A 9 year old boy named AAA was anxious about being a Pokemon trainer.
His friends were Pokemon trainers so he was alone most of the time.

When he finally became 10, He got his clothes on and ran to his grandfather's lab.
His grandfather, Dr.Ketchem, was very glad to see him.
"So you too want to be a Pokemon Trainer?" Dr.Ketchem asked.
"I will ask you 20 questions. If you get 13 or more of them right, you will be a Pokemon trainer," Dr. Ketchem said.

AAA,Blue, and Rick were the only ones that passed.
"You may choose 1 Pokemon," Dr. Ketchem said. Rick chose first.
"I choose you,Bulbasaur," Rick said.

AAA liked picking on Blue, so he picked Squirtle.
Rick was the only friend AAA had, so they decided to become allies while Blue was alone with his Charmander.
Rick and AAA told their parents that they would be together on their journey. Then they left.

Chapter 2: The Journey begins Coming Soon!