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Thursday Jan 11 2001-Today I added a lot of new Pokémon Gold/silver Gameshark Codes.
Wednesday Dec. 20 2000-I enclosed this thing of updates in an HTML table,so it looks nicer.
Friday Dec. 8 2000-Today I added a console that lets you control the sound. It is on the nav bar. A small version of your default media player (windows media player, quicktime, ect.) will appear there.
Saturday Oct. 21 2000-I've been trying to find ways to make BPU load faster like getting rid of the buttons on the homepage. They serve no purpose now that I use frames.
Tuesday Sep 5 2000-Just some small updates.
Monday Sep. 4 2000-Sorry for not updating for a while,but get used to it, 'cause I have a lot of stuff to do lately. ATTENTION!! I will be constructing a new nav bar and getting rid of the banner at the top! I will make the new nav bar under the current one. When the new one is done, I will remove the old one.
Tuesday Aug.29 2000-Added the pok'eballs that follow your mouse on the nav bar.
Aug. 27 2000- Cleaned up the homepage,put dancing pokemon on there own page,put webrings on there own page.Fixed some bugs.
Aug. 26 2000- Added more fanfiction and codes.
Aug. 22 2000- I updated the code to all the stuff from Bravenet (guestbook,message board,ect) to the new version on there new,faster servers,so everything should load faster.

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