PART ONE BY Gina Ludovici
It was a warm Summer night. Ash Ketchum sat on a bridge onlooking the ocean.

He was with his girlfriend and Future wife Jenifer MichelleBoss [Giovanni's daughter].He was thinking about the pokemon leuge evn though it had been 4 years since he was crowned POKEMON MASTER.

Ash was now 14 andwas thinking more about Jenifer than Pokemon.Pikblu, Ash's naturally evolved Pikachu was on Jenifer's lap with her Pikblu Neptune.Jenifer Broke the silence and said Ash,do you Miss Misty?

Ash answerd no. he was just shokcked that She was killed in such a horrible way. Shot in the back 50 times.I promise you Ash when we find her killer we'll get her said Jennifer.

Suddenly The 4 saw somthing in the bushes. what could it be?... Find out on the next episode of POKEMON MEETS SAILOR MOON AND DIGIMON