"Hurry Up" I said "Prof. Oak won't have any Pokemon left for us!!!". Ray (My Big Sister) was going to be late for the new trainer oreintation and so was I...... OH! Sorry, I forgot to intrduce myself, I'm Tony and we live in Pallet Town. I just turned 10 a week ago and we're about to start our pokemon journey! But if my sister isn't fast enough we might have to wait till next year! But finally she finally got her boots on and we where out the door. But when we got there a kid named Ash already got the last Pokemon: A Pikachu. We where sad as we walked on all we had was a weird bubble thing (Prof. Oak thinks Mew is insde it.). So we walked untill we where at Viridian city. It was 9:00 PM so we went to a Pokemon Center to spend the night, But it somhow blew up, we never found out how it happend so we just piched a tent right out side the city. The very next morning we went to get something to eat but I stopped and saw a blueish thing lying on the ground. I picked it up to find out it was a Machop!! I quickly used a Potion on it and I let it go. But it just followed me! So I picked up the little guy (He was kind of cute) and said "Welcome to the team,Machop" and put him in the Poke Ball. This is just the beginning of our story make sure you read PARTII "PIDGEOTTO GO!"