The adventures of Ray and Tony

                                                                                         Part two

       Hi, my name is Ray, Tony's big sis, I'm thirteen,and I have sky pink
hair that always stays in a braid with blue eye's . I'm sure if you heard
part one you know all this, but I'll run you through it one more. My brother
and I were late for starters day,
and when we go there, all the pokemon were already gone, so were the poke
and pokedex. But the doc gave us a unidentifed pokemon asleep in a bubble to
take care of. Then when we got to Viriden city my brother found a machop in a
gutter. I wonder when I get a pokemon!

       " This is great," said my always optimistic brother " We are in viriden
forest, which is probly full of dangerous pokemon, and i'm cold, hungry and
tired." Machop patted Tony on the leg " ma- chop." It said. I sighed "You
should of worn overalls, like me, or at least jeans." He was about to say
somthing when I heard somthing. It sounded like crying, " Shhh.." I said
walking toward the crying. Then I saw it, a baby Growlithe, eyes still
closed, and about as big as a shoebox, on its back whimpering.I picked it up,
" Ahh.. it's cute." Tony said, I smiled. Thats when the biggest jerk I've
ever seen showed up. " Hmmph, you can have it. It's wrothless, I caught and
evolved it's family.
But that one is too weak!" I was so mad " Come hear you worm, I'll show you
I said  making a fist. " Like I'm scared of a little girl," That was it " Uh-
oh you said the G word." My brother said. I grabbed that jerk's hand and
flung him over my shoulder and he ran away. " Nice move sis, lets hope his
parents don't call and chew you out like school." I just took growlithe from
his arms. " Don;t worry little guy. He's gone." And at that moment it's eyes
opened. And I smiled. " Let's go." I said.

PS: On our way to Pewter City we found a egg and it hatched into a Pidgey.
Now I have two Pokemon following me!