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Pokemon Yellow

01??6BD1     HP Modifier (Larger)
01??6CD1     HP Modifier (Smaller)
01FF87D1     Infinite PP (1st Position)
01FF88D1     Infinite PP (2nd Position)
01FF89D1     Infinite PP (3rd Position)
01FF8AD1     Infinite PP (4th Position)
01??8BD1     Level Modifier
01??8CD1     Max HP Modifier (Larger)
01??8DD1     Max HP Modifier (Smaller)
01??8ED1     Max Attack Modifier (Larger)
01??8FD1     Max Attack Modifier (Smaller)
01??90D1     Max Defense Modifier (Larger)
01??91D1     Max Defense Modifier (Smaller)
01??92D1     Max Speed Modifier (Larger)
01??93D1     Max Speed Modifier (Smaller)
01??94D1     Max Special Modifier (Larger)
01??95D1     Max Special Modifier (Smaller)
01FF55D3     Have All Badges
010017D0     Protect Status
01FFD5CF     Never Miss & Have More Criticals
01??7BCF     Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 1)
01??7DCF     Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 2)
01033BD1     No Random Battles
01??1ED1     Start With A Pokemon Modifier
01F00DD7     Infinite Time (Safari Zone)
016446DA     Infinite Safari Balls
010A13D7     Float On Air
01631ED3     Infinite Qua"y