Another free antenna

2007-08-01 13:08

This time it’s an 84cm Primestar unit.

These are still very useful for modern linear Ku installations, and most people will let them go for the free if you do the removal. Despite coming from a pile of trash, this old thing was in perfect shape.

An 84cm Primstar dish antenna lies on its back, dirty, next to a shovel.

I soon got it cleaned up, planted, mounted, and wired. The signal wire is trenched under the skirt of the building.

The same antenna installed behind a home with cables trenched in.

This new antenna fills up the last of the eight ports I have available on my switch configuration, which stands at:

  • 82°w
  • 91°w
  • 110°w
  • 119°w
  • 129°w circular
  • 61.5°w
  • 97°w
  • My new dish. I haven’t quite decided where to aim it! Galaxy 10R, maybe?