Allison Nicole Reid

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  • Extensive knowledge of Java, PHP / Hack, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bourne shell script.
  • Experienced with use and operation of relational (MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, SQLite) and non-relational data storage mechanisms.
  • Familiar with many different source control, continuous integration, and deployment systems as well as managing them for teams of developers.
  • Experienced managing dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6) networks and firewalls.
  • Fluent in Unix, especially BSD and Linux (Debian, RHEL/CentOS). I’ve been responsible for hundreds of thousands of Linux hosts simultaneously at work and use and contribute to FreeBSD in my personal time.
  • Very experienced with common network protocols and server stacks like HTTP (Apache, nginx, HHVM, CGI), Email (Postfix, Dovecot, Amavisd), DNS (BIND, NSD, Unbound), NTP, XMPP.
  • Well-versed in Facebook-sized service scaling issues.

Work Experience

Production Engineer - Hardware Systems Engineering

Facebook, Inc - Menlo Park, CA - August 2015 to Present

I help develop, provision, and configure the hardware fleet that keeps Facebook running.

  • Contributor to OpenBMC, our homegrown Yocto Linux distribution for management controllers.
  • Sole developer of deployment system for signed OpenBMC system images and other artifacts.
  • Sole developer for OpenBMC configuation management system since our microcontrollers are too wimpy for Chef.
  • Contributor to bringup process for provisioning new hardware products.
  • Supports hardware and provisioning issues as part of the HSE oncall rotation.

Production Engineer - Autonomous Infrastructure Maintenance

Facebook, Inc - Menlo Park, CA - March 2014 to August 2015

At Facebook we have a very flexible service container system but face the challenge of maintaining availability over the life of our hardware as servers and network equipment are installed and replaced. I helped build tools and automation to re-home services without downtime in responce to planned and unplanned maintenance.

  • Founding member of the Autonomous Infrastructure Management team after SRO’s dissolution.
  • Lead developer and UI/UX designer on internal service automation tool interfaces.
  • Assisted product owners integrating their services with our maintenance automation tools.
  • Supported our tools for technical product managers and datacenter site techs as part of the AIM oncall rotation.

Site Reliability Operations Engineer

Facebook, Inc - Menlo Park, CA - 2012 to 2014

Site Reliability Operations (SRO) was the front-line ops team responsible for Facebook service availability. A member of SRO was always on shift monitoring, triaging, fixing (if possible), or escalating any issues arising from equipment failure, lack of compute or network capacity, disasters both self-inflicted and natural, or simple bad code that made it past review and into production.

  • Responsible for the constant availability of all Facebook products as part of the worldwide Site Reliability Operations oncall team.
  • Worked directly with the Facebook Messaging team as PE on FB Messenger reliability during a major backend transition.
  • Overhauled service monitoring and alerting for Messenger as part of a fleet-wide effort to reduce operational noise from defunct and non-actionable alarms.
  • Helped transition product reliability out of the former “one service, one machine, one alarm” model into the world of containers and automation and then to individual product oncall rotations to eliminate the need for the SRO team.

System Administrator

Engauge, LLC - Atlanta, GA - 2011 to 2012

The digital agency life involves managing simultaneous projects that receive huge bursts of traffic during promotions and then taper off to nothing.

  • Built a complete user- and change-friendly Linux infrastructure on Debian Linux with site packages via APT and authentication and access control via LDAP.
  • Developed and deployed high traffic media-backed client promotions on rapid release schedules.
  • Responsible for scaling infrastructure to meet launch-day traffic and taper to campaign end.
  • Supported over three hundred users in five offices across the country with internal tools.
  • Supported source control, continuous integration, and deployment for 30+ developers and hundreds of client projects.
  • Responsible for constant availability of projects backed by print and prime-time television promotion.

Independent Contractor

Self-employ - 2002 to 2010

  • Ran a successful local computer consulting and repair business.
  • Ran IT for small businesses without the need for full-time IT staff.
  • Managed web presence and hosting for many local clubs and businesses.
  • Created and managed commerse portal with built-to-order options for a US-based niche laptop distributor.


###Bachelor of Computer Science Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA - 2007 to 2011 (Hiatus)

Leisure and Hobbies


  • When I have the space I enjoy scanning the skies for scheduled and ephemeral satellite broadcasts on the Ku band.

Free Software Enthusiast

  • Creator and maintainer of several permissively-licensed software projects.
  • Porter and maintainer of many projects to the FreeBSD Ports system.
  • Creator of FreeBSD distribution for specialized ARM plug computers.


  • I enjoy collecting, repairing, maintaining, and using obsolete computers and game systems lest we forget our industry’s collective history.