Beat Machine pt. 6 - Spin the disc

2016-06-21 22:06

What’s the most important part of a DJ game? The turntables! The ones on my IIDX machine were poorly maintained and missing parts, so I decided to completely rebuild them. The issues included:

  • Missing outer plastic ring in the 1P turntable, making it wobble side to side when pressed.
  • Stripped screws holding the 1P sensor disc to the bottom of the shaft table.
  • Stripped screws holding the 2P turntable disc to the top of the shaft table.
  • Old-style slick turntable surfaces instead of the grippy material included with Empress and newer machines.

Many parts can be found elsewhere or fabricated yourself, but these issues weren’t easily fixable without ordering parts from Konami. So be it. I bought some parts.

The turntable assembly is composed of many parts, but I didn’t need to replace all of them. My turntables were missing part ⑧, had very worn parts ⑥ and ⑨ , and had the original-style turntable discs replaced by the new part ⑩. I listed the prices for these items from my distributor as of June 2016.

No. Part Number Description Qty. Price
1 116583670000 ASS’Y, DISK TABLE 1  
2 000581340000 DISK,LAMP 1  
3 115738710000 PLATE,SENSOR 1  
4 003172380000 DISK,SLIT 1  
5 116524910000 PHOTO SENSOR 2  
6 000620990000 SHAFT,TABLE 1 ¥8600
8 000581330000 SPACER DISC 1 ¥2300
9 000508130000 FELT 1 ¥1600
10 113079590000 ASSY DISK 1 ¥10200
11 111938240000 PLATE,DISK 1  

Item ⑩, the turntable disk assembly, is composed of three separate parts. The grippy DISK,TOP adheres to the hard plastic SHEET,DISK TOP. The FILM,DISK adheres to the underside of SHEET,DISK TOP and is the sheet that slides against the felt and acrylic disks. I got a second set of FILM,DISKs because those were the most worn part on my original turntables. The full disk assembly comes with one adhered already but the spares will be useful in the future.

Part Number Description Qty. Price
113057260000 DISK,TOP 1  
113057270000 SHEET,DISK TOP 1  
000581320000 FILM,DISK 1 ¥4600

Screws ⓒ and ⓖ for attaching the top and bottom disks to SHAFT,TABLE were stripped badly on my machine by a previous owner, and my distributor threw new ones in on request at no additional cost. The ring ⓔ came along with each SHAFT,TABLE.

No. Description Details Qty.
a PLATE,SENSOR attachment to DISK TABLE M4 x 6mm (SW/PW) 2
b PLATE,SENSOR earth M4 x 5mm (SW/PW) 1
c DISK,SLIT attachment to SHAFT,TABLE M3 x 10mm (SW/PW) 2
d PHOTO SENSOR attachment to PLATE,SENSOR M4 x 15mm (SW/PW) 2
e C ring for SHAFT,TABLE 25mm ring 1
f DISK TABLE / LAMP / PANEL attachment M4 x 20mm (SW/PW) 4
g DISK attachment to SHAFT,TABLE M3 x 10mm 4
Old and new IIDX turntables held ride by side

Comparision of original (left) and Empress-style (right) turntables.

Opening IIDX shaft table ring with pliers

Good luck with these if you don't have ring opening pliers.

Brand new parts installed in 1P turntable

Smooth new acrylic discs and clean felt.

All done! I’ve never seen another machine with both the new-style grippy turntable surfaces and the old-style metal spindle decals. They are an attractive pair! I lubricated both new turntables with skateboard bearing oil and they spin so much more freely than the old ones.