Expanding my switch configuration

2007-12-16 20:12

Since I ran out of free ports earlier this year, I needed to add some capacity.

Eleven RG6 lines feed through earthing blocks and a bank of three DiSEqC, an Ecoda EC-2111, and one SW21 switch. Two DiSEqCs feed the two legs of the Ecoda switch. The Ecoda switch and the other DiSEqC feed the two legs of the SW21.

The Ecoda EC-2111 is the only 22khz tone switch I’ve found that can pass DiSEqC commands on both legs. As seen in the photo, I used on on the first leg of my SW21 to switch in a second 4.1 DiSEqC.

From top to bottom, my switch layout:

  • 82°w
  • 91°w
  • 110°w
  • 119°w
  • 61.5°w
  • 121°w
  • 129°w circular
  • 148°w
  • 97°w
  • 123°w
  • 129°w linear
  • Free!