FreeBSD-Kirkwood in the wild

2010-08-11 20:08

I’ve set up my Dockstar as a broadband router and home server running my very own FreeBSD distribution. It performs admirably running PF/ALTQ, nginx, ISC-DHCPd, miniupnpd, BIND, and NTPd.

Seagate Dockstar on a desk with USB drive holding FreeBSD and USB WAN ethernet interface.

The Dockstar has one LAN port, so the WAN interface is USB. The obviously-homebrew wire is RX, TX, and ground for the serial console.

Despite the USB ethernet interface, CPU usage seems fine when maxing my 12/3 connection:

Deluge downloading a well-seeded Ubuntu Linux torrent while a terminal emulator in the foreground shows the usage on the Dockstar.

My configuration files are in a GitHub repo.