I Had a Date With Rasis and Her Knobs

2015-05-09 20:05

Round 1 USA has Sound Voltex in this country now on the official eAMUSEMENT network and I happened to be close to one on a trip! SDVX, IIDX, and GITADORA are all networked and running their latest versions with Pop’n lonely and offline and no DDR at all (this is Pump territory!). They’re all fun but the knob game soaked up the majority of my visit. It was great to finally try the real game instead of just playing the simulator.

Sound Voltex III Gravity Wars cabinets at Round 1 USA

Gravity Wars is a great upgrade over the older versions of the game, so in a way I’m glad it’s the first one I got to play. It adds new note types, new camera effects, BPM multiplier auto-adjustment (red number), offset adjustment, early/late display, better sorting options, better Generator options, and of course a load of new songs. I even managed to get my Skill Level 8 while I was there!