Looking for FreeBSD-Kirkwood 9.0?

2012-04-27 12:04

Hey there, gang. Hoping to run the ever-swanky FreeBSD 9.0 on your Kirkwood ARM device? I’m not releasing binaries or packages thanks to arm/162159 cripping the uptime of my Dockstar. I have, however, commited my current set of patches to the 9.0 branch of the FreeBSD-Kirkwood repository. It’s nice to see the number of patches dwindle as the upstream project assimilates the fixes for our favourite neglected architecture. They should get you a bootable OS via the normal procedure, but rooting from USB triggers a cascade of USB address decoding errors almost immediately.

In other Kirkwood news, I recently picked up a grey POGO-E02 v2 Pogoplug for $30 on clearance at a Best Buy. It still languishes sadly in its packaging, but I plan to test the OS on it eventually.