MAGFest 2017

2017-01-10 11:01

This year was my second time attending MAGFest way across the country in DC. It was great times with great friends and great games. Here are some highlights!

Gaylord convention center

Hello Gaylord

Looking up American Way street


My MAGFest badge

It me

Holding a SEGA Master System joystick like their infamous euphamism ad

The more you play with it, the harder it gets

Reproduction Mega Man: Wily Wars and Sonic Megamix games for SEGA Genesis

Bought a couple cheap reproduction games

Requiem For Konami panel

Konami hate money and success

MAGFest arcade after hours

Using my PST Privilege to stay in the arcade until sunrise

People waiting to play Jubeat machines

Twelve lines for twelve jubeats

Screen showing eight obtained Chaos Emeralds in Sonic The Fighters

Beating Sonic the Fighters

Roadblasters arcade marquee

And the best Atari game

Result screen on a Reflec Beat arcade machines

Trying Reflect beat on a real machine instead of just my iPad

Galaga 3 (aka Gaplus) arcade marquee

The best and least-appreciated Namco game

Gaplus high score list with my #1 score of 90600 on Parsec 10

Nobody but me can get past Parsec 4?

Dance Maniax song selection screen showing Wuv U, a song not originally in the game

That custom Dance Maniax

New generation Neon FM arcade cabinet

The new Andamiro NeonFM cab is really nice

ミライダガッキ Future Tom Tom result screen

Finding out how much more fun ミライダガッキ Future Tom Tom is than Taiko

Nintendo PlayStation console

We got to touch the PlayStation!

Nintendo PlayStation controller

And the controller!

Soup and Sandwich from Potbelly in National Harbor

Potbelly is the best

W.T. Snacks room party with projector

Room parties

USBIO Disconnected error screen on beatmania IIDX machine

Breaking Tokyo Attack's IIDX

Radiant Silvergun credits sequence

Getting my butt kicked by Treasure games

Bare beatmania IIDX motherboard

Bought my own LDJ board to replace that loaner from my friends

Atrium view from the elevator while leaving the Gaylord

Farewell :(

Mega Man Wily Wars game showing Olympic Gold title screen instead of the game it's supposed to be

Getting home and finding out that repro seller ripped you off