Neat Things from our Library Part 1: Discreet Meat

2012-04-07 19:04

Erica and I like to go record hunting together. Late last year we stumbled upon Discreet Meat, a 1995 independent noise release from here in our very own Atlanta. The album bears little outward information besides its striking painted jewel case, but a file on the disc’s data track reveals the artist to be Chris Connell of Necroanal.

This isn’t space for an album review, but look for the standout tracks “Suck”, “GRA”, “Strife”, and “Title Cut”. I’m releasing my FLAC rip of the entire thing as per the manifesto on the album’s data track:

  1. Greetings,
  2. This is my first CD, which has been a good two years in the making. One
  3. would think that making a perfect .WAV file and burning a flawless CD would
  4. have been a tad simpler, but that was not the case. Hopefully you did not
  5. pay for this, as of this writing I have no intension of charging for this.
  6. I might charge for postage if I distribute it nationally.
  7. In case you haven't noticed, there are also .WRK files ( native CAKEWALK
  8. MIDI files ) on the CD-ROM portion of the CD. Feel free to do with them what
  9. you may. This whole CD is public domain, just don't sue me for that which
  10. I do not profit. I actually encourage this CD to be copied and dispersed
  11. throughout the land.
  12. If for some bizarre reason one seeks correspondence, I can be reached at
  13. the address elsewhere on this CD.
  14. I would like to thank the people I like and think really bad things about
  15. the people who choose to be unlikable.

Download Life Is Meat - Discreet Meat torrent.

Discreet Meat painted jewel case front. Rear of the jewel case with track list. Case opened to show disc.

2016-06-08 Update

Whoops, both of my download links rotted and I didn’t notice. I re-scanned the front and back of the jewel case, re-ripped the files, and made it into a nice torrent.