NoN-Fiction Story!

2015-10-28 11:10

Overhead shot of PC running Beatmania IIDX Infinitas with two attached controllers

I wouldn’t have believed you if at the beginning of 2015 you told me Konami would release the first home version of beatmania IIDX since 2009, that it would be on PC instead of on PlayStation, and that I’d be in the alpha test, but they did, it is, and I am. Weird!

I started playing IIDX again recently in the arcade and have Lunatic Rave 2 running at home. It’s nice to have another game to switch to when I feel like I’ve hit a wall in Sound Voltex, especially since my button skill is always the most lacking when I try to clear SDVX level 15 songs. Hopefully more IIDX will whip me into shape for those.

The second alpha test has ended, so Infinitas isn’t playable as of today. Time will tell when this will actually come out and how Konami will make it make money. I would be fine with pay-per-song-pack like Rock Band or even with a monthly subscription, but I hope they don’t try pay-per-play like on the real arcade machine.