PocketDex is a Pokédex program written in Java with SWT and Derby.


  • Four generations (493) of pokes
  • Evolutions
  • Dex entries
  • Moves learned by level, egg, and tutor where applicable
  • Search
  • R/S/E, Fr/Lg, D/P

Currently Missing

  • Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver
  • TM/HM Compatibility. I have Machine-Move association, but not per-monster compatibility.
  • Items. Wild hold items and item-based evolutions show the item number, because I can’t find a list of item names matching my data.


  • Java 1.5 or newer.

Thanks To

  • Peter O. and DExWS for a lot of the data, Serebii for the rest.


PocketDex running on FreeBSD PocketDex running on Mac OS X Tiger PocketDex running on Windows 7

Download - Version 20090803

PocketDex-Unix.jar (FreeBSD/Linux, for 32-bit JVM, 54MiB)

PocketDex-Unix64.jar (FreeBSD, for 64-bit JVM, 54MiB)

PocketDex-Windows.exe (Windows, 55MiB)

PocketDex-Mac.dmg (Mac OS X, 64MiB)