Presenting FreeBSD-Kirkwood 8.2-RELEASE

2011-06-16 22:06

This release is the fruit of months of testing to produce something solid and awesome.

In addition to the usual 8.2 goodness, this ARM release features:

  • Wlan support. Tested with my if_run device, a TP-LINK TL-WN321G 1
  • UFS journaling
  • USB dialup and 3g modems (untested)
  • Fix for if_axe controllers dying after a certain amount of traffic, pulled from HEAD

New packages:

  • minidlna
  • asterisk
  • samba35
  • apache22
  • centerim
  • ezjail
  • openntpd
  • wol / wakeonlan

Removed packages:

  • squeezebox-server (Broken Perl)
  • openarena (New version based on ioQuake doesn’t support ARM)
  • spamassassin (Broken Perl)

Get it from the download page.

As always, leave a comment email me if you’re in need of a specific package and don’t have the means to build it yourself.

  1. The rum driver man page for claims the TL-WN321G is a rum device, but I received a different version that was luckily supported by if_run