2010-03-15 20:03

I thought it would be fun to build my own speakers as a replacement for my thirteen year-old Boston computer speakers.

I settled on Roman Bednarek’s Microbe and Cerberus designs. The Cerberus I built as-is, but I built the version of the Microbe with a Vifa ring tweeter, the Microbe XT. The full specifications for the XT are available in this thread.

Thanks to my father for much help with the woodworking!

Unfortunately, my 1980s Pioneer faux-stack won’t make the best of these new speakers, but I’ll replace it soon enough. I also won’t be able to position them properly at ear-level until I get a new desk with more room.

Bare wooden speaker enclosures sanded and ready to prime. Subwoofer cabinet outside on a sheet of cardboard receiving its first coat of primer. Several enclosures and baffles drying after receiving a primer coat. The enclosures drying after receiving two coats of matte black spraypaint. Constructing crossover circuits on two pieces of scrap wood. Connecting component legs on the underside of the crossover bases. Finalizing crossovers with leads that will connect to the spade connectors on the drivers and rear plate. Front speaker baffle with drivers attached. Speaker crossover laid on top of the painted enclosure, visualizing how snugly they will fit inside. Full assembled speaker seen with the front baffle slightly off. The inside of the enclosure is lined with acoustic foam which also holds the crossover board in by friction. The reverse side of the front baffle before it is closed up. The finished set of speakers lined up side-by-side of a table. The speakers installed on my computer desk. The two satellites are on their side under my dual LCDs, and the sub is on the floor in the corner behind the desk. Close-up of one of the satellites on its side on my desk.