Tell Me More...

2016-09-21 06:09

Tell Me More is a piece of software that relays messages between a certain streaming site’s proprietary web chat system and a given IRC channel. I wrote it for myself so I can chat easily on my phone with a native interface during my IIDX / SDVX streams. Maybe you will find it useful too.

Tell Me More is based on the Python asyncio IRC bot library irc3, not to be confused with IRCv3.


  • Automatic two-way chat relay between web and IRC
  • Multiple stream/channel pair support
  • Web nickname colorization on the IRC side
  • Transparently forwards your own messages if you let it log in as yourself
  • Automatically splits long lines from web chat to fit IRC limits
  • IRC-side notification of viewer arrivals and departures
  • Converts web-side emoticons to their textual equivalent for IRC




  • Support for relaying game screenshots from trusted user privmsg from something like ShareX
  • Command support for sending a full viewer list
  • Windows binary via PyInstaller? I don’t really use Windows

A first run will install a sample configuration and tell you where to find it. I use a dedicated streaming site user because I want to enable others to chat in my channel with clear differentiation, but it will work fine as yourself.