USB Power for RS232-TTL level converter

2010-09-28 01:09

This is a really simple project, but it makes my work environment much safer and more convenient.

My MAX3232-based level converter used to run off 5v DC from a hacked-up molex fan lead, but I didn’t feel comfortable using it on my nice desktop.

The DE-9 connector of my level converter.

I picked up a 50¢ USB cable from Monoprice and cut it a few inches from the B end.

Cut USB cable with jacket and mesh pulled back to expose the two data and two power wires.

Trimmed it to just the 5v and grounding leads:

Cut USB cable with jacket, mesh, and data wires trimmed leaving just 5V and ground.

Made the connection permanent, and hot-glued the USB cable in place:

USB cable soldered to the power points of my level converter.

Here it is attached to the serial console of my Dockstar:

Level converter plugged in to the back of my PC and functioning on USB power.