Welcome to the 21st Century

2009-06-12 17:06

LCDs! Had I waited one more year I could be a full decade behind the curve of technology.

I bought two HP LP2475w 24” 16:10 panels and an Ergotron arm to replace my aging 19” CRTs. The difference is really impressive. My CRTs always got drifting, distorted pictures. They also weighed about 60kg combined and took up my entire desk. The LCDs are (comparitively) thin, light, and have every input I could possibly care about.

Base and main body of an Ergotron VESA mount drilled into a desk surface. One of two displays mounted to the Ergotron mount. Monitor tilted up on its arm, showing power, DVI, and USB connections in use. Final shot of both displays installed and in use.

For you UNIX folk out there, xcalib will let you use color profiles. Run it with your login items.