Blastoise's Pokémon Universe

This is BPU, my very first website from 1999. It was hosted on Angelfire for several years, lost in a DMCA request, and recently rebuilt from a text-only backup out of nostalgia. My computer at the time was a salvaged 486 DX/2 66mhz PC with 32MiB of memory in mismatched SIMMs and a 420MB Connor hard disk, puny by today’s standards, running 98micro. I only had space to back up the textual content pages, so all of this site’s images were lost when my Angelfire account was suddenly closed over some questionable ROM images. I’ve restored this site from backup and either relocated or recreated the lost images and other resources. I ported the content from an inaccessible old frameset to a modern Jekyll layout, but aside from that most of what you see is straight out of a simpler time. The only things that have been removed were pages embedding third-party services such as the Bravenet guestbook and Angelfire hit counter.

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BPU Updates
Monday Sep. 1 2014 I started converting the old frames-based HTML 3.2 site to Jekyll with a Liquid include.
Saturday Aug. 23 2014 The missing background tile, header image, and more are restored thanks to the magic of Internet Archive and Reocities. I removed all the broken 15 year old external dependencies like Comet cursor. Yes, really.
Sunday Aug. 3 2014 I found this ancient website skeleton on an old backup and imported it to my Cooltrainer tree.
Thursday Jan 11 2001 Today I added a lot of new Pokémon Gold/silver Gameshark Codes.
Wednesday Dec. 20 2000 I enclosed this thing of updates in an HTML table, so it looks nicer.
Friday Dec. 8 2000 Today I added a console that lets you control the sound. It is on the nav bar. A small version of your default media player (windows media player, quicktime, etc.) will appear there.
Saturday Oct. 21 2000 I've been trying to find ways to make BPU load faster like getting rid of the buttons on the homepage. They serve no purpose now that I use frames.
Tuesday Sep 5 2000 Just some small updates.
Monday Sep. 4 2000 Sorry for not updating for a while, but get used to it, 'cause I have a lot of stuff to do lately. ATTENTION!! I will be constructing a new nav bar and getting rid of the banner at the top! I will make the new nav bar under the current one. When the new one is done, I will remove the old one.
Tuesday Aug.29 2000 Added the pokéballs that follow your mouse on the nav bar.
Aug. 27 2000 Cleaned up the homepage, put dancing pokemon on their own page, put webrings on their own page. Fixed some bugs.
Aug. 26 2000 Added more fanfiction and codes.
Aug. 22 2000 I updated the code to all the stuff from Bravenet (guestbook,message board,ect) to the new version on their new, faster servers, so everything should load faster.