Non-Gameshark Red/Blue Codes

Lots of Items

NOTE:You need a pokemon who knows surf and one who knows fly. You also need to have been to Cinibar Island.

In Viridian City there is an old man by the entrance to viridian forest who shows you how to catch pokemon.Talk to him and let him show you how to catch pokemon. As soon as he is done fly to Cinibar Island and start surfing up and down along the east side. After surfing like that for a little while you should come across a screwed-up looking pokemon named missingno. DO NOT CATCH HIM!!!!! He will mess up your games graphics if you do.Either make him faint or run away.After he is gone you will have over 150 of the item you have in sixth place. There will be a wierd symbol in front of it and then a number but dont worry the only thing this code messes up is the list of pokemon you beat the elite four with, and who uses that anyway?

While searching you will encounter other Pokemon. Possibly level 178 give or take a few levels. If you duplicated your Master Ball you can catch it and use it in a buddy battle. That way it won’t grow down to level 100 so you can over power your friends. I have seen Squirtle, Snorlax, and Nidorino.
That’s how I got my Blastoise. But you can only get one of these, not all three, you may get a different one.

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Get To Cinnabar Island Easily

Just go to Pallet Town and surf down instead of going through Seafoam Island.

Phantom PC

In Celadon City there is a hotel. If you go in that hotel and walk to where a PC would be in a pokemon center and press A the PC menu comes up just like a normal PC. Wierd, huh?

Truck By The Sea

First, get someone to trade you a pokemon who knows CUT . When you go on the S.S. Anne you can fight the people but don’t go to the capitan’s room. When you go out the ship won’t leave and you’ll have a pokemon who knows CUT. Continue to go on your journey until you get SURF. Come back to the S.S. Anne and show th guy your ticket. When you’re on the dock between the ticket guy and the ship face right and use SURF. You will find yourself on a little bit of land and lo and behold there is a truck! It it rumored that Mew is under the truck but you can’t move it.

Get HM1 And Leave The Ship There

When you go on the S.S. Anne fight everyone exept a few that you know want to fight you. Beat Gary but dont go in the capitan’s room. Instead go out to the pokemon center and put all your pokemon in exept something weak like a weedle or caterpie. Go back in the ship and get HM1 from the capitan. Then go fight someone and lose. you will be back at the pokemon center because you blacked out. You will have HM1 and the ship will still be there.

Safari Zone Trick

To do this cheat you need to be able to get to Fushia City.Then,go to the safari zone.Stay in the area where the pokemon you want is.Walk around until your time runs out.(you don’t need to battle the pokemon.)After you get out, head south to the beach(you need a pokemon that knows surf).Make your way to the edge of seafoam island.Swim half on land half on water.Keep swimming up and down the shore.If you come across a pokemon called Missingno make it faint or run.It may take a long time but you should be able to come across the pokemon you want.I caught a chansey using this trick.

Get Diploma

Get all 150 pokemon and go to the guy in celedon who says to come back with all 150 pokemon. If he gives you charmeleon, teach it fireblast, then walk around the unknown dungeon. u will find a pokemon called luckily.

Go In Bill’s Backyard

Get eevee vaporeon flareon and jolteon. go to bill’s. He will ask a question. say yes and he’ll let u out back.<hr>

Get Smi

Go to where mewtwo is/was and surf on the right side of the plat form he is on for 2-3 min. and the screen will get blurry. Check your items for smi.<hr>


Line up three legendary birds and then 3 geodude in your lineup. Go to people in celedon mart who are tradind and trade. <hr>

Fish in a Gym

When you enter a gym go up to one of the statues and choose a rod to fish with. Usually you get good Pokemon.

Duplicate Pokémon

This code let’s you double a rare Pokémon, but the other Pokémon is deleted. First, have one person select a rare Pokémon or one that is at higher level than yours. Second, have the other person select an easy one to get like Pidgey or Ratatta. Then have the person the has the rare Pokémon turn thier Game Boy off as soon as it says WAITING!. Then have the person with the common one turn thier Game Boy off. If all this was done correctly, you each should have the rare Pokémon, and the common one should be gone.

A code to capture Togepi

You need the Itemfinder to actually start this code. Then, walk around Mt. Moon and use the Itemfinder on different areas. Do that 100 times. On the 100th time, it will say that the Itemfinder reacted and you will have found an egg. Keep walking around and eventually the egg will hatch and you’ll have Togepi. Togepi is found near the exit of Mt.Moon

To capture a PokeGod, read this!!

First, I advise you build your pokemon levels. Get them up to level 100 before you start. Stock up on supplies, like Max Potion, Full Heal, Full Restore, etc. Now, go to Indigo Plateau and defeat the Elite Four 26 times. On the 26th time, Professor Oak will say, “I’m tired of this.” He will let you walk around the Pokemon Hall of Fame which leads to another city. I’ve heard it called Air City, but I’m not really sure about the name. In this city, people swap PokeGods. Now, if 26 times doesn’t work for you, keep going at it.

TOGEPY # 153

Go to Celadon with an escape rope and a pokemon with STRENGTH. Go to the Casino. Press B THEN A on the keys. Then talk to everyone in just the CASINO part in a specific order. ( I think it is random in each game I talked to the guy who gives you coins, then the girl next to him, then the people in the isles up to down and left to right, and so did my friend and it worked for him too, but sometimes I think it is just TOTALLY random. ) Then press A THEN B on the keys. Leave. Once you are outside DO NOT MOVE! Use ITEMFINDER. It will beep and a girl named DAISY will appear beside you. She will ask for her keys. Give them to her( it does it automatically ) and she will take you to her house in the mountains as she puts it. The screen will black. Then you will be in DAISY’S house. talk to her, she says she will trade you a TOGEPI for a PIDGEY! But beware, if you bring a Pidgey with you it won’t work so go outside. There will be a small alcove surrounded by rock where the house is, a fence, a truck, and a tree with a boulder in front of it to the LEFT. Use STRENGTH on the boulder and push it to the LEFT side of the tree to get in an automatic battle with a PIDGEY ( so bring 5 pokemon ONLY to Celadon too!) The right side gives you MASTER BALLS. Then go inside and trade for Togepi.


To battle Togepi, do as followed: 1. Beat the Elite Four 10 times(Use a L100 Exeggcute) 2. Talk to Professor Oak

  1. Professor Oak will give you a Togepi


To get Mewthree, do as followed: 1. You have to find the guys glassed which could be anywhere in the game

  1. Their are most likely to be in the Rocket Game Corner hideout
  2. Use the item finder to find the glasses
  3. When you find the glasses you have to find the guy who could be any where but he is probably in Saffron
  4. Give him the glasses
  5. He will fly you to the Pokegod Island
  6. There is only 1 PC there and you have to fight to get there
  7. Next to the PC is a guy that you trade with to get Mewthree Pokegod codes without Gameshark:

This code is for TRICKET! A new Pokemon for Gold/Silver.

First, you must carry ALL 6 BUG POKEMON in your party in this order: Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill. Then, open an empty box in your PC without any Pokemon in it. Go into the Safari Zone and catch a wild Venonat and a wild Venomoth. You cannot catch Venomoth before Venonat. Then, catch a wild Paras and a wild Parasect. Same rule applies for Parasect not before Paras. Keep them all in your PC box and do not change for any new ones. You do not need Scyther or Pinsir because they are rather rare to find. You’ll see them on the Victory Road, however, by catching all of the other bug Pokemon. That’s a pre-code. Yes, along with Scyther in Red, Pinsir will be in Red too, and along with Pinsir in Blue, Scyther will be in blue! It’s the truth.Beat the Elite Four all the way through with the 6 Pokemon told. Do not allow Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle or Kakuna to continue to evolve, just press B to stop them from evolving. Its best for them to be on high levels. Such as L50.Caterpie and Weedle, L60 Metapod and Kakuna and L75 for Butterfree and Beedrill. You can use Rare Candies and Gameshark to boost them up. After you win all five(Gary too) matches, Professor Oak notices you have all your Bug Pokemon. He asks if you’re a bug collector, YES or NO. If you answer NO, he says, “my mistake” and then the Hall of Fame comes up. If you answer YES, then, he takes you a cage where TRICKET the CRICKET lives! He lets you take it and use it for future battles. Tricket is on Level 65, the same level as Gary’s final Pokemon. Tricket knows Spore, Twineedle, Mega Kick(crickets like to kick their legs) and Sing. I do not know if it learns any moves. It has no ink with Shadybug. Shadybug is an entirely different Pokemon. They’re just bug pokemon.


To get any you have to have all 150. Then you put the 3 legendary birds (Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos) at the front of your line up, and 3 Geodudes at the bottom. Then you have to talk to the dude who gives you the psychic TM in Saffron City. He should tell you about the PokeGods. Then do as followed with the 3 legendary birds still at the top of your lineup.

Get Mew

To get Mew go to the SS Anne guy who asks for you ticket than surf to the right and you will find an island with a boulder and bushes on it. Hack the bushes and move the boulders then you will find a pokeball with Mew in it.

Get Flareth

To get Flareth you have to have 4 Moltres’, and that’s all in your lineup. Then talk to the thirsty girl on the rooftop of the PokeMart in Celadon City 100 times! Then talk to her once more, she will get annoyed with you and give you Flareth to go away.

Get Pikablu

Get Pikablu by using the Itemfinder in the water that you use to get to the Unknown Dungeon. You will find an item that inscribes that an unidenified pokemon was found at Cinnabar Island. Surf up and down the coast where you find Missingno.And you will eventully find Pikablu. He is hard to catch and I suggest using a Masterball

More pokegods…: Pikablu:

Get a Raichu and buy a thunder stone and water stone use the thunder stone than the water stone and evolve into Pikablu


Do the code to get Pikablu and buy a leaf stone and a fire stone. Use the leaf stone. Than use the fire stone. The stones will then combine and become the mist-stone! Use the mist-stone on Pikablu and it will evolve into Riablu


Have a parasect and use the fire stone than the moon stone it will then evolve into Brainsect!


To get mewthree play the pokeflute next to mewtwo 33 times and wait for the screen to flash. Then fight mewtwo and it will be mewthree!!!!


Have a MewThree and use 99 moon stones on it and it will evolve into MewFour


Talk to the coffee guy in viridian city and fly to cinnabar. Surf up and down and catch a m guy. use a fire stone than water stone than leaf stone and it will evolve into the most powerful pokemon ever!……………….well for right now……….to be continued!


This is a weird one. Go to the unknown dungeon and swim around the right of it. Use the item finder and it will say There is an item nearby. Swim around pressing A and you find a note in a bottle although it will just say Bottle. Take it to Prof. oak and he’ll read the note to you. It says something like “The unknown dungeon has many secrets but you haven’t found them all until you see a dog. “Then go back to the unknown dungeon with 5 of the pokegods.It doesn’t matter which ones just five. Go to the spot where Mewtwo was and you see a boulder. Use strenght on it and a staircase will show up. Once you get down there you’ll see 6 platforms all with a pokemon on it, one of them is a bruno. It’s position is always different, and if you don’t find Bruno on the first try they’ll all run away. But you can go upstairs and go back down to give it a try.


To get a GandhiKahn, go to the safari zone find a kangaskhan and catch it without using bait, when you catch it put in up up, down down left left right right B A select start really fast, before the ball closes. It’s number 164.


Yes it is real, to get this pokemon have a raticate and pikachu in your pokemon group, only these 2 then leave the game on for an hour come back, and pikachu will be sick, take him to the pokecenter and he will have a baby, called Ratichu, it’s number is 163.


This is the coolest pokegod of all he can turn your opponents pokemon into Jr. Trainers. To get him catch a pikachu,a raticate,a pidgey and a caterpie. Go to professor oak and talk to him 20 times. Then go to Dr. fuji and talk to him 20 times. Finally go to Gary’s sister and she’ll tell you that Prof. oak has something really important to tell you.when you go there he’ll tell you a new species was found around cinnabar island.Go to the abandoned lab and go to the top floor and walk around and soon a matix will appear. Make sure you have a master ball because that’s the only way you can catch it. It’s number 165.


You need a Slowbro, and a butterfree, beedrill, and Articuno, and a Jynx and Golem for this trick, have both of them in your possession and you can only use these 6 pokemon, go to the elite four you have to go through all the elite 4 with these 6 pokemon! And when you win, when you turn your game back on, all of them would have merged and made Stonebro!! he is number 166!

To find the hidden Pokemon called Togepi, go to the place in the Safari Zone where you get the HM surf. There should be a patch of grass around that area. Walk in the patch of grass and topegy will appear. You could do the same thing to find Pikablu. There is another alternative to find Pikablu. Go to the daycare center with a level 99 Raichu and return 10 minutes later and he will give you a Pikablu. Your Raichu has to be named Pikablu!!!!!Or the TrIcK wIlL nOt WoRk!!!!!!!!

Get Mew!!! Get A missingno. and give it to the daycare man get it back and nickname it MEW and it envoles into MEW!!!

Last 25 from <hr> FREE POKEBALLS! Go to Celadon City and go to the store and buy 3 Great Balls after that check your items to see that you also have 2 Pokeballs<hr> MOW A LAWN Go to in any grassy area and use cut to cut down grass!

If you have any codes please <a>E-mail them to me</a>.